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One of the interesting events of this summer is the July lunar eclipse, which has been the longest (103 minutes) of the 21st century, and this time it is also combined with Mars just appearing next to it. Two red objects in the sky - What a night!

Some of you might be wondering why the Moon becomes red at times. The explanation is actually rather simple: an eclipse happens when an object in space has its shadow on another object - Typically, the Moon can cause a solar eclipse and the Earth can cause a lunar eclipse. To make things more interesting, what we see as white light actually had different components (colours, if you will) in it and different types of dust or gas can make different types of light more or less strong - Which is why sunrises and sunsets are usually of red / pink in colour while the sky is blue. Now, when the Earth has its shadow blocking the Sun's light from reaching the Moon, it actually doesn't shadow it completely all the time: there are times where the Earth's atmosphere's "shadow" actually hits the Moon, and the same way as sunrises and sunsets are red / pink we end up getting the Moon light of such colours.

Here's another fact: If you were lucky enough to see a total lunar eclipse from the Moon, you'd see a red ring around the Earth - Which would correspond to the combinations of all the sunrises and sunsets taking place at that specific moment on Earth!

And, for the link with summer; here comes a photo from my relaxing time during that fantastic event:

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