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-##selamla()##-, and welcome to Ali's homepage!

İsviçre'ye kış haftalar önce geldi, ama hem iş hem de planlanmış seyahatler derken kayağa ancak gidebildim! Aşağıda o günden iki manzara fotoğrafı bulacaksınız, ama manzara o manzara: hava güneşli ve açık ve havada bulut olmamasına rağmen Zürih'e doğru giden vadi hafif bir sisle kaplı:


After having shared these photos, I'll let you enjoy your visit of my site. Since the beginning of the year, the Who am I? section of my Web site also has some little updates, let's see what you think about them! As usual, while doing so please make good use of the Facebook "like" button in the bottom and don't hesitate to contact me for all your comments, recommendations, ideas, wishes (eg. for the MusicBox), and so on, and so forth... Or even, to simply say "hello"!! (look -> the "Contact me" section, i.e. the one with a typewriter icon)

S. Ali Tokmen



last update: 01.03.2017