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-##selamla()##-, and welcome to Ali's homepage!

2018 has been a year warmer than usual, and in particular in Central Europe the dry summer was followed by a winter which ended up being late... So late that the usually white-topped mountains of December were missing their beautiful cover until January - And, lucky for me, a snowstorm started in Davos the afternoon of my arrival, followed by calmer weather and then a blue sky the day after! The photo below is from that sunny day, you can enlarge it with a click and then browse the other photos from the same day in the same region:

So we left another year behind! I wish you all a year where you spend moments with the ones who mean to you, filled with happiness, love, respect, comfort and most of all good health. I'm wishing lucky moments like the one I just described just keep on hugging us the entire year!

With some moments and good wishes shared, I'll let you enjoy your visit of my site. As usual, while doing so please make good use of the Facebook "like" button in the bottom and don't hesitate to contact me for all your comments, recommendations, ideas, wishes (eg. for the MusicBox), and so on, and so forth... Or even, to simply say "hello"!! (look -> the "Contact me" section, i.e. the one with a typewriter icon)

S. Ali Tokmen



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