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-##selamla()##-, and welcome to Ali's homepage!

This time, the photos I want to share in this welcome page of my Web site are from the Geneva motor show...

The first series of photos is dedicated to technological novelties, to start with I'll of course share the very large number of electric cars, where even producers like Porsche or Bentley unveiled their models. Another surprising bit was the absence of Tesla, with so many competitor models of European brands. The other novelty (that one will take some time to to us) is around self-driving and connected cars, with the highlight being the reborn famous Volkswagen van (also called Camper, Bus or Minivan) form the 50s in the shape of a "self-driving living room with movable chairs". The final group of novelty is around vehicles capable of flying at times: you'll find a thumbnail below of the drone-car concept vehicle created in collaboration with companies such as Airbus or Audi, where you can drive at times and at others get yourself a lift. By clicking on any of the thumbnails, you can of course see it larger and browse all the other photos.


The other (or most?) interesting part of a motor show is of course the less common models: the Geneva motor show 2018 photo album contains 80 of these: supercars, the impressive Bugatti with a bullet-like design, Lamborghini's SUV or the BMW M8 concept. Click on the photo you prefer most to enlarge it and start navigating the rest.


After having shared these impressive photos, I'll let you enjoy your visit of my site. As usual, while doing so please make good use of the Facebook "like" button in the bottom and don't hesitate to contact me for all your comments, recommendations, ideas, wishes (eg. for the MusicBox), and so on, and so forth... Or even, to simply say "hello"!! (look -> the "Contact me" section, i.e. the one with a typewriter icon)

S. Ali Tokmen



last update: 18.03.2018