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-##selamla()##-, and welcome to Ali's homepage!

2020 and 2021 are rather different from all other years that I have known, with the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 having affected the global way of living: many things we took for granted got suspended in order to preserve everyone's health and our our medical system, the worldwide economy has reached such a slowdown to the level where we saw negative oil prices for the first time in human history, we learnt to take working from home seriously (and I'm hoping the new habit of achieving more while traveling less will continue!) and with our "pulling back" nature has taken back its own "normality": the weather has never been clearer for a long time, big fishes are back in areas previously buzzing with maritime activity, sea turtles have used the planet's beaches to lay their eggs, ...

Being locked down with my small family, yet with the rest of my family and other loved ones in different countries and continents, I also learnt a lot: first of all, that we actually love, care for and support each other (even for weeks!), making good use of the limited freedom we got (responsibly!) and also a real life practice around the fact that "I am what I eat". I am sharing below some of the healthy recipes we cooked, where we moved away from a meat-heavy diet - And the reason why I mention about "I am what I eat" is because even with limited activity my energy levels and the various blood measurements I got actually show that I am healthier!


Another thing I have done during this time is, you know me, keep on sharing my knowledge! Various Java EE programmers know about Codehaus Cargo for which my coordination of the community effort on the new features and publication of releases continued, and other IT professionals (in particular the ones in management and/or coordination levels for Cloud Transformation topics) might appreciate my LinkedIn article around cost management for Cloud. I also did small updates to my Web site, with a Windows 10 theme added to the settings (simply click on the background image of my Web site and select Customize... [Settings]).

I also got some other news, in particular having even more loved ones joining our family 😊 I'm hoping everyone reading these lines, and their beloved and cared ones, are also safe, healthy and can keep mental, physical, emotional and financial stability! One things I do to keep my mental and physical health a lot these months is to go skiing, below you'll find a photo of my outing to Flims / Laax in February / March, you can navigate through the other photos by clicking on it:

With these updates and good wishes shared, I'll let you enjoy your visit of my site. As usual, while doing so please make good use of the Facebook "like" button in the bottom and don't hesitate to contact me for all your comments, recommendations, ideas, wishes (eg. for the MusicBox), and so on, and so forth... Or even, to simply say "hello"!! (look -> the "Contact me" section, i.e. the one with a typewriter icon)

S. Ali Tokmen



last update: 03.05.2021