The first of those programs would indeed be the wonderful shhep program: it will create a sheep on your screen every time you execute it. Those sheeps are able of interacting with your desktop: walk on windows, fall, run and hit windows (and therefore get projected on the other side, start rolling, ...), etc. In addition, you can also hold them using your mouse, perhaps in order to project them (who said that's aggressive?). Last of all, you will also see that sometimes some flowers appear on your screen, and, inevitably, all sheeps will run to eat it! [click here to download]

The second software, similar to the first one, is called "Neko": as you know, cats love mice (mostly, they love chasing them, right Garfield?). And, you have a wonderful mouse connected to your computer, making a cursor move on your screen. So, what would a virtual cat do is chase that cursor, right? Also, since this is a virtual cat, it can also be an "inversed cat" and start escaping the cursor... [click here to download]

Another funny as well as interesting program I will present you is Sands... This program generates a sort of "sand rain" in its window. And you show those sands which way to go by creating walls using your left mouse button and erasing walls using your right mouse button. [click here to download]