Writing a program is hard, distributing it for free is even harder. That's the reason why some programmers "feel the need of" integrating into their software adware (routines that display advertisment on your computer) or spyware (routines that collect information -e-mail address to visited web pages or even typed keys [passwords!!]- to send it to third parties) components; the second probably making you panic a bit! Luckily, Spybot lets you detect and remove those software, and also fix some problems on your PC. [click here to download]

Adobe, the author of the wonderful software called Photoshop, is also the creator of the PDF format and its not-so-successfull Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader: a very slow and unstable program that forces integration with your browser and makes it crash as well... Simply catastrophic! Luckily, there's an alternative called Foxit PDF Reader... [click here to download]


When programming or designing applications, the biggest problem you'll find is the tool to choose... Microsoft finally put online and for free their adorable development environment, Visual Studio. Ideal for ASP, Basic, C++, C#, DHTML, Java, JavaScript or SQL development [click here to download]

Mostly programmers very often need to edit text files and therefore need a program that's small, fast and recognizing multiple languages (including keywords, show matching brackets, etc.). Notepad++, an editor based on the famous open-source Scintilla project, will probably satisfy your needs. [click here to download]